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Our Story

A Little Bit About Us

In the summer of 1994 John and Monica Tartufo decided it was time to get back into the restaurant business. By mid August they found the perfect little Café along Rt. 54, 2 miles from the beach and 10 miles from their home in the country; hence the name Countryside Café. The doors were opened on September 1, 1994 and by the next year business was booming!

John and Monica’s daughters, Bethany and Ashley, would spend endless weekends and summers at the restaurant trying to earn a little bit of money and learning to do everything from waitress to cook. Soon enough our little Café became known not only for the great food, but also for the friendly environment provided by the family and staff. Customers began to know the girls as if they were their own and we began to know our customers as family. Monica and John Tartufo value community service. 

Man and woman standing outside of Countryside Cafe Restaurant

They instilled in their daughters a sense of responsibility in serving their communities and volunteering their time. These values have led Bethany to become a Police Officer and Ashley to become a Firefighter/Paramedic. As you look around, you will see that our restaurant has changed dramatically from its original “Countryside” look to a theme which honors the men and women serving our country and our community.

It all began when Ashley built a Lego fire truck for John, then someone brought in a picture and someone else gave a patch, before we knew it we had dozens of fire trucks, pictures and over 1,000 patches. This year Bethany is starting her 15th year as a Police Officer and is married to Brian, a State Trooper. Ashley is starting her 12th year with Howard County Fire and Rescue as a Firefighter/Paramedic and is married to Jay, a Howard County Police Officer. We have been blessed with 3 adorable Grand-Daughters, Caroline, Madelyn, Emily and a grandson Conner.

This September, we celebrate our 22nd anniversary. Business is booming and even though sometimes in the summer there is a line 50 deep outside the door, we will never forget our values and how we began. We can’t thank our customers enough for their business, support, ideas and patience through the years. Thank you again for your loyalty and patronage.

- John & Monica Tartufo